20 Aug 2018

5 reasons game publishers are embracing in-game ads

Game publishers are awakening to the possibilities of in-game advertising, here we take a look at why...
19 Jul 2018

Football Manager 2018 vs the World Cup - Part 2: Predictions vs Reality

We simulated the entire World Cup via Football Manager, here's what we learned...
28 Jun 2018

bidstack becomes an IAB member

Will help to support the ongoing conversation about in game advertising best practices
27 Jun 2018

Five reasons why brands should shift from display advertising to in game advertising

It's less disruptive, higher quality and can't be blocked
18 Jun 2018

Eye catchers: five E3 video game announcements that advertisers should care about

Here are some of the top video games displayed at E3 that advertisers should be keeping tabs on
13 Jun 2018

Football Manager 2018 vs the World Cup: bidstack predicts what will happen in Russia by playing video games

We try to find out what'll happen in the real world cup by running our own virtual version
11 Jun 2018

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01 Jun 2018

Act natural: Five reasons why PC game developers should consider integrating thoughtful advertising in their games

It's a great way to keep a game alive in an increasingly competitive market
01 Jun 2018

Football Manager as an esport: how does it work, how is a tournament structured, where is the skill and how can you go pro

Learn all about Football Manager as a competitive sport here
01 Jun 2018

From Football Manager to Football Management: winner of FMWEC Daniel Fry led Norwich City Legends out against Inter Forever

What happened when the best Football Manager player in the world managed a real football team?
01 Jun 2018

Growing the esports ecosystem: four examples of how brands have helped to support the development of competitive Video Games

Brands and esports go hand in hand. But how? Here are four great examples.

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